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The Herbal Deodorant


OLJA's Herbal Deodorant is the perfect lightweight solution. Sweat doesn't cause body odor, but when it mixes with the bacteria on your skin and the toxins released by the body it can leave you a little less than fresh. Our natural formulation allows the body to do its job by not blocking the sweat glands that release metabolic waste from the body, while adding a subtle sophisticated scent to your daily routine.

OLJA'S HERBAL DEODORANT IN IT'S NATURAL HABITAT This natural deodorant spray for all genders, is made with the highest quality organic ingredients that support the delicate lymph glands in our underarm area. When you use Herbal Deodorant, not only are you stopping unwanted body odor, but you are also doing something supportive for your lymph and immune systems.



Spike Lavender Helps to support and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Tea Tree and Lavender

Neutralizes odor causing bacteria and promotes white blood cell production to improve immune function. Vetiver

A deep and woody scent, this oil promotes capillary stimulation in the skin. This action helps to stimulate immune function - which in turn can support the lymph nodes to function properly.


BOUGHT THIS FOR MYSELF “but my boyfriend steals it. this is the one product we share, and it smells so different on each of us.”

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT “The scented quality is incredible. It works so well and all day as a Deodorant, but I also spray it on my wrists and elbow creases as a perfume.”

Kerry, CA


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