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Unveil Your Spring Glow with Renewing Petals + Honey


As the seasons change, give your skin the ultimate wake-up call by adding honey to Renewing Petals.

This powerhouse pairing combines the antioxidant-rich properties of Honey with the nourishing roots, leaves, and petals of Renewing Petals. The result? A fantastically soothing and illuminating exfoliator/mask that quenches winter-dry skin and reveals a radiant, spring-ready glow.


OLJA'S RENEWING PETALS SOAKING IN HONEY Treat your skin to the sweetest spring awakening yet. Try Renewing Petals + Honey today and discover:


-Deep hydration and antioxidant protection

-Gentle exfoliation and brightening

-A radiant, healthy-looking complexion


Unlock the Power of Renewing Petals + Honey:

1. In a small dish or the palm of your hand, combine:

    - 1 tsp of Renewing Petals

    - 1/2 tsp of warm water

    - 1/2 tsp of honey

2. Mix well, allowing the herbs to activate with the water and honey.

3. Apply to damp skin, gently tapping the product into place with your fingertips.

4. Let it work its magic for 5-10 minutes before massaging in a circular motion.

5. Rinse with warm water and follow up with:

    - Hydrating Face Elixir for an extra dose of moisture

    - Balancing Face Oil for a radiant glow


Get ready to bloom into spring with a luminous, healthy-looking complexion!


YOU NEVER KNEW YOUR SKIN BEFORE THIS A game changing exfoliator that neither drys nor aggravates - instead, a beautiful ‘mud’ that leaves your face feeling like new baby skin. If you pick one product by Olja, it should be this one."

Sara Mae, NY

NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT There is truly no other product on the market like this. I use it as a mask, or as an easy "exfoliator" and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I love the ritual of creating the poultice."

Sandra, FL


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