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Deep Blue Healing


The ultimate balm for pain relief This versatile medicinal balm is infused with powerful plant extracts that reduce inflammation and soothe pain associated with headaches, sore and tired muscles, arthritis, menstrual aches, daily stress tensions, bruises, and injury. Deep Blue Healing Salve is a medicine cabinet staple that every home should have.

This natural deodorant spray for all genders, is made with the highest quality organic ingredients that support the delicate lymph glands in our underarm area. When you use Herbal Deodorant, not only are you stopping unwanted body odor, but you are also doing something supportive for your lymph and immune systems.



Arnica, Saint John's Wort, Calendula Infusion Our house made Infusion is the ultimate recovery blend. These powerhouse herbs work in synergy to heal injured soft tissue. Easing pain and reducing inflammation while speeding up the healing process. Blue Tansy This beautiful naturally blue hued oil has a sweet and herbaceous scent and encourages the body's natural repair process while easing discomfort and improving circulation. Lavender The mother of all oils, Lavender offers its calming and pain releasing properties to the Deep Blue Healing Salve blend.

Corn Mint Deep Blue Healing Salve uses two forms of Corn Mint distillation to access the full range of cooling and healing benefits of this plant. It soothes discomfort and releases hot tight tension in muscles.



  • Ease discomfort of post workout soreness.

  • Supports the healing process of sprains, strains and fractures.

  • Great as a chest rub for congestion during cold and flu season.

  • Anti Inflammatory formula that reduces pain and increases circulation for chronic conditions.

  • Use on temples and back of the neck to ease headaches.

  • A wonderful pick me up after a late-night of over indulgence.

  • Soothes aches, pains, bumps, and bruises.

PRO ATHLETE TIP For a supercharged pain relief experience, massage into sore areas after a warm shower or bath.


Don't get caught unprepared, order Deep Blue Healing Salve for your medicine cabinet today


SOARING HIGH “Amazing product, refreshing and it works so well on sore muscles. I use this after a hot bath and it's so restorative.” Eva, UK

A TRUE HEALER “The scent is intoxicating, and it soothes sore muscles (and opens airways) faster than any ‘mentholated’ product I’ve used. A must if you suffer from tension headaches, also.”


AS AN AFTERNOON PICK ME UP “I use it to keep myself focused instead of an afternoon coffee.”

Henry, NY


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