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The product that started it all..


As a hairstylist for over 20 years, working between New York City and London, I’ve seen a whole host of hair conditions, from the super dry and irritated to the overworked and oily. About halfway through my career, a client who traveled between NYC and Beijing for work, came to me distressed and uncomfortable - from spending months on end in the polluted Chinese capitol, her scalp would be covered in flaky, dry sores with patches of hair falling out or missing all together. To help her, I worked to create an oil that would both calm and repair, finally formulating the foundation of the Olja product line, Clarifying Crown Oil. After a six month rehabilitation, made up of weekly treatments, my client returned to Beijing with a balanced scalp, visible regrowth and confidence to continue her demanding global shuffle.

A potent botanical elixir for every hair type, Clarifying Crown Oil creates a balanced foundation for optimal scalp and strand health. Cedarwood and Rosemary work in synergy to remove build-up and encourage new growth, while Calendula, Spike Lavender and German Chamomile nourish and soothe for maximum nutrient absorption. Uplifting, purifying and calming, this oil lend is the first step in every great haircare routine and the beginning of my journey into formulating gentle yet hardworking, plant-powered products.



Calendula Nourishes and protects tissue, protecting the integrity of the skin. Calendula

also promotes cell regeneration, aids in wound healing and reduces inflammation.

Rosemary et Camphor Stimulates new hair growth, increases oxygen to hair follicles,

promotes circulation and clarifies to remove build-up. Studies have shown that in clinical trials Rosemary oil is as effective as 2% minoxidil without the side effects.


Helps to cleanse and re-balance the naturally occurring oils in scalp and hair.


Lavender This gentle yet effective oil supports recovery and restores healthy scalp conditions.

German Chamomile Relieves irritation, reduces inflammation and has antimicrobial properties that can help alleviate conditions like dandruff.


MY SCALP WAS A MESS “I really struggled with hair loss and over dying my hair and my scalp was a mess and Amy recommended this product and within days my scalp calmed down, less dandruff and after using it for a few weeks my scalp was looking great again - thank you olja and Amy” - Rose

FACE LIFT FOR THE SCALP “My hairdresser suggested this product for my scalp and it's amazing, refreshing and has done wonders for my scalp.”- Andrea

GREAT FOR HAIR LOSS “ I lost a ton of hair postpartum and I used oil in combination with the horn comb (for scalp massage and stimulation) and it made a significant difference for my hair regrowth.”- Annabelle

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