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Renewing Petals


This effective yet gentle manual exfoliant hydrates, softens and nourishes. While most manual exfoliants can be harsh and easy to overdo, this blend of oats, flowers, leaves and roots make Renewing Petals incredibly soft and far more gentle than chemical or enzyme exfoliants.



Oats the soft grains remove dull and tired surface skin cells and provide nutrients like vitamin E and B

Rose Petals and Rose Hip provide a super boost of brightening vitamin C, barrier supportive lipids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients and the list goes on and on…..

Marshmallow root is a superhero ingredient in this formula that is a champion hydrator, often referred to as botanical hyaluronic acid. Calendula & Camomile are deeply restorative and healing. Offering their calm therapeutic properties these two reduce redness, support barrier function and encourage accelerated healing. Horsetail Powder

minimizes the appearance of pores, deep cleans, and promotes firm tighter skin.

Comfrey Leaf & Root

contains allantoin which helps new skin cells grow, reduces inflammation and helps support healthy skin. Rhassoul Clay draws out congestion and impurities, while not disrupting natural oil production.


“Renewing Petals is unlike any product I have ever used. There was a bit of a learning curve to figuring out how to use it because it is so different. Once I got the hang of it, it is now my hero product. It not only preps my skin for what feels like deeper penetration of my moisturizer, it leaves me with a glow that is just so, so good.”

Kate, WA “I use this as a weekly mask, mix it up thinner than normal, almost pancake batter like, and leave it on for 10 min. It really seems to ‘activate’ and soften with the longer time. I get a glow like no other”

Abby B, NM


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