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Shop rose beauty products from Olja for your Valentine, Roses are red so is this image
Celebrate this
Valentine's Day
with Rose

The Herb of Love

Sacred to Aphrodite - The Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility and Sensuality.

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Red Velvet Background for your love
The Herb of Love

Skin & Hair Benefits of Rose -

Anti inflammatory, wound healing, gentle and soothing. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - making it a potent free radical scavenger. Attracts and maintains hydration. Supports skin's barrier function and aids in healing damaged connective tissue. Rose has also been recognized to improve the appearance of fine lines. 


Psycho Spiritual properties of Rose -

Love, Trust, Divine connection, a tenderness for self, calms and supports the heart. Rose can open a space for love with a soft, sweet and easy energy. 


Scent Profile Rose -

Highly complex sublime floral odor with a lemony edge that is particular to old world roses.  We at OLJA distill our hydrosol and oils from an heirloom species of rose that has been used as medicine for hundreds of years.  Never solvent extracted. 

Olja has been featured in the following press Another Magazine, Vogue and Vogue Italia, T Magazine (New York Times), W magazine, Forbes
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