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OLJA's silk pillowcase is kind to your hair and gentle on your skin.

This pillow case is made from superior grade 22 momme, Oeko-tex certified mulberry silk. You can feel the quality and thickness of the silk, it’s like no other. The silk surface reduces the friction between your skin and hair against your pillow, which results in less breakage for your hair and smooth support for your skin.

Silk has long been a beauty secret to the ancients of the Orient. Discovered in China during the 4th century BC, it was once reserved only for the Imperial family. So valuable - silk was once used as currency, had its own Goddess and started international trade via the Silk Road. This silk pillow case is made in the tradition of the Orient, using silkworms that feed on a diet of Mulberry leaves in order to produce the highest quality silk. OLJA’s silk is the perfect material to nourish your hair & skin while you sleep.

SIZE : 1 PCS STANDARD (Queen) (50 cm x 75 cm)

Silk Pillow Case

  • Machine wash cold.

    100% 22 Momme Pure Mulberry silk
    OEKO-TEX Certified

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