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The benefits of horn combs go beyond the fact that they are a beautiful object to add to your daily grooming ritual. These horn combs made of ox horn are composed of amino acids and keratin that are similar to the components that human hair is made up of.

This helps to deposit keratin and natural oils through the lengths of hair. Horn combs are known for their anti-static ability. The construction of the horn comb make it glide easily through hair by smoothing the cuticle, unlike plastic combs that have tiny rough edges that catch and pull at the cuticle edge causing breakage, pulling and split ends. Horn comb's gentle teeth make for a fantastic scalp massage, stimulating blood flow and supporting strong, healthy and shiny hair.

Horn Comb

  • Avoid damp areas. Horn combs that are exposed to water for prolonged periods of time will expand and ultimately weaken. Horn combs also have a tendency to dry out over time. This can be avoided by applying a small amount of oil ( olive, coconut, Almond, Lanolin…) twice a year. Let oil soak in overnight and wipe clean with a cotton ball in the morning.

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